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May 5, 2010

The food put into your body has a direct affect on how you function throughout the day as well as long term health.  This is something very few would try to argue.  That is why HB Specialty Foods always looks for different ways to make the foods everyone loves, healthier and better.  Whether it is looking at how we can formulate products with lower or better for you fats, making products using ingredients people are familiar with or designing products for specific dietary needs, we have healthier in mind.

It was quite some time ago we first started looking at how we can make our coatings healthier and better for you.  By eliminating or reducing trans, hydrogenated and saturated fats in the coatings, healthy alternatives are continuously provided to customers for products containing those fats.  We have also developed several no parfry, bake back, breaded items that never have to touch a fryer, and therefore lowering the total fat without sacrificing flavor or mouth feel.

Another undeniably hot trend in the food world is the desire customers have for natural, simple foods containing ingredients that are easily identifiable.  The consumer wants to be able to pronounce every ingredient on the label and check labels now more than ever.  One challenge involved with natural foods is their lack of functionality in comparison to their modified counterparts.  The reason many of the modified ingredients were created was to satisfy the demands of the customer.  Everything from line speeds to flavors have been affected by the modification of functional ingredients. As the consumer demands natural versions of these products, developers encounter many challenges to overcome.  HB continually works with new and better designed natural foods to make this transition easier.

For some people, eating a restrictive diet is not merely a choice, but a necessity.  HB has produced gluten-free products for celiacs and their families for over five years now.  Celiacs’ and their families is intentional, because when development began on these products, it was our mission to make products the whole family can enjoy.  That way, families don’t have to buy two of every product and the person with the gluten intolerance can have a greater sense of normalcy.  Even very low levels of gluten can have a very adverse affects for celiacs.  In the production of gluten-free products, it is crucial to avoid any cross contamination with anything containing gluten.  In order to ensure the products do not contain gluten, a separate facility has been dedicated to housing every aspect of the gluten-free production. The growing demand for gluten-free products is not only from celiacs, but also from the many people who feel healthier when limiting the amount of gluten in their diet.  As more people become educated on the topic, we will see more and more growth in this area.

HB Specialty Foods is proactive about looking ahead at trends in healthier foods.  The desire to make foods that are healthier and better for our friends, families and the general public is of great importance.  This desire is what pushes us forward to be constantly experimenting with different health minded ingredients and techniques, in order to provide our customers with unique solutions, and better results.


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