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Green Tomatoes

December 6, 2011

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services

This spring it didn’t warm up enough to plant until almost June.  I thought for sure my tomatoes would never get ripe, but thanks to our Indian summer we were able to get a bounty of tomatoes of all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately some of the larger late ripening tomatoes don’t look like they will turn before the frost.  Not wanting to waste all of these firm, tart, green tomatoes, I looked at my options for using them up before they spoiled.

Chutney, relish, ketchup and pickles were some solid options I found to preserve the tomatoes for the winter and early spring.  Green tomato and corn fritters as well as green tomato and squash gratin were some good options that would allow me to use some of the other end of season veggies in my garden.  The most interesting option I found was a green tomato cake that sounded similar to a coffee cake, but had chunks of green tomatoes to add moisture and flavor.

I think some fried green tomatoes will be a good thing to warm us up this evening.  Or better yet, Green tomato parmesan with a recipe for bacon green tomato sauce I found on-line, over some pasta.  I will also be making some green tomato ketchup and green tomato cake.  I will let you know how they turn out.


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