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Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

March 28, 2012

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services

One of the trends we identified for 2012 was the emergence of handheld comfort foods. This is actually a combination of two recent trends: portable, handheld products, and comfort foods.

During the economic troubles of the last few years people have been craving things that make them remember better times in their past. One of the best ways to remember the good ol’ days is through cooking and eating the foods you remember from childhood – the things mom specialized in. Items like mac & cheese, Shepherd’s Pie, lasagna, pot pies, etc. Just about everyone enjoys these warm and hearty favorites that are also light on the pocketbook. That’s how Mom could feed the family of five on a single income.

Nowadays many people feel like they don’t have time to put together homemade pot roast or make pie crust. Many don’t even feel like they have time to sit down and eat a proper meal altogether. Hence the desire for foods to be eaten on the go without making a mess of your clothing or car.

Some examples of handheld comfort foods include:
–  Lollipop Pies – miniature pies on a stick; sweet or savory
–  Shepherd’s Pie Bites – ground beef and gravy, surrounded by a layer of mashed potatoes, breaded and deep fried
–  Sweet Potato Pie Empanadas – empanadas with untraditional fillings
–  Chicken & Waffle Cone – Popcorn chicken in a waffle cone with chipotle syrup
–  Lasagna Bites – bite sized squares of lasagna, coated in Italian breadcrumbs and fried


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