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Local Sourcing

July 9, 2012

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef

Savvy restaurant goers are starting to ask where their food is coming from.  Many of the patrons are asking if the produce is local.  On a recent excursion to one of my favorite restaurants the menu and the servers explained where my meal was coming from.  I thought to myself, WHY?  Why are restaurants telling me where my produce is planted and where my protein was raised?  With that question in mind I started to answer these questions and discovered the exquisite world of local food sourcing.

Sustainability in the restaurant world meant that, as a chef, you hoped that your produce price didn’t increase due to a less than stellar growing season.  Today sustainability and local sourcing seem to go hand-in-hand.  Many chefs are looking to local farms and fresh air markets to secure products for their menus.  Looking to local farmers and markets can help to ensure the highest quality product is at the disposal of the brigade, as well as help stimulate the neighborhood economy.  Sourcing local ingredients can also help cut down on the cost and challenges of shipping delicious, ripe fruits and vegetables.  Guests in the restaurant appreciate the effort in helping the local economy and providing top notch ingredients that are difficult to find in the grocery stores.  Customers can also research farming practices of the purveyors to see if they are using those techniques which are important to the individual.

Many chefs believe in helping support the local economy and the small farmer that is producing heirloom vegetables and raising heritage breed livestock.  These chefs are proud to share with their guests that local products are being served as often as supply will allow.  Guests can walk away from a terrific meal understanding that not only the chef and restaurant are supporting local farmers, but so are they.  I encourage everyone to look into the restaurants and chefs that are sourcing locally in their community to support the local guys!


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