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Keep it Simple

August 6, 2012

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef

In an interview Gordon Ramsay said keep it simple.  Start with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available and let the flavors of five or six ingredients shine through.  There is no need to place three garnishes on a gastronomic masterpiece that already has 20 components.  I started shuffling through my rolodex of restaurant experiences; I believe he is right.

Going back to culinary school, aspiring chefs are given the tools to coax as much flavor as possible out of everything that is prepared in the kitchen.  Developing proper cooking techniques is what separates the cook from the chef.  Properly smoking beef brisket with a simple dry rub rarely needs a mop or to be slathered with sauce at the table.  Pan searing sea bass needs nothing more than salt, pepper and a light white wine reduction with grilled asparagus or fresh fava beans to accompany the sea bass.

Keeping it simple, I will end by encouraging everyone to go back to the basics.  Make a risotto, not including squash blossoms or any other vegetables, but a simple old school risotto made with a flavorful stock, a bit of aged parmesan and finished with a splash of cream; add a veal chop seasoned with salt and pepper cooked to medium rare and enjoy!


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