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Seafood Trends 2015

December 31, 2014

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Corporate Accounts

Small portions – Consumers are looking for smaller portions because of their desire to try multiple dishes in one sitting, while not having to risk ordering too much of something they do not enjoy. The small portions also fit into the “all-day snacking” trend, and allows companies to cater their products to all day-parts. It allows for a more social dining experience where people share many different small plates to make a meal.

Vietnamese and Korean – Asian cuisine has been on trend for quite some time, and most Americans are very familiar with Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. As Americans learn more about the diversity in cuisine throughout Asia they are becoming most interested in Vietnamese and Korean cuisines. Both cuisines use significant amounts of chili, and can be very spicy. Vietnamese is one of the healthiest cuisines on the planet, using lots of herbs and vegetables, with some influence from Colonial France. Korean cuisine is based mostly on meats and fermented vegetables such as Kim Chee and spicy Gochuchong Chili paste.

DIY Health – The desire to build your own meal based on an individual’s dietary needs/preferences. The trend of customization is being driven by the rise in people’s awareness of what their individual body needs to live a healthier lifestyle.

Middle Eastern and North African Flavors – Zataar, Harissa, and Dukkah are unique flavor profiles on the rise from the Mediterranean region, outside of Europe. These unique flavor profiles are a blend of ingredients found in Asian and European cuisines.

Natural and Clean Label – As people become more aware about the ingredients in the prepared foods they eat, there is a continuing trend in the desire to have cleaner and simplified ingredient declarations. The GMO topic is also causing many consumers to look to Organic and Non-GMO options across all categories.

Smoke – From Chipotles and bacon, to BBQ and smoked salt, the trend of smoke is showing up all over the place. Smoked fruits, such as cherries, strawberries and tomatoes are some of the more unique flavors, but anything with a kiss of smoke is trending


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