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Seafood Trends 2015

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Corporate Accounts Small portions – Consumers are looking for smaller portions because of their desire to try multiple dishes in one sitting, while not having to risk ordering too much of something they do not enjoy. The small portions also fit into the “all-day snacking” trend, and allows companies […]

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The Basic Steps of the Research & Development Process in the Food Industry

By: Chef Jody Slater, Culinary Development Chef A research and development (R&D) department is a crucial part of a food company. They are responsible for creating innovative products to keep companies a step ahead of the competition. R&D also examines methods to improve existing products and procedures. HB’s experienced R&D department works hard to meet […]

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2013 Food Trends

Health Conscious and Affordable By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services 1. Local – Once again, Local will be a big buzz word in the food world for 2013.   Whether it is buying your veggies at the local farmer’s market, or a restaurant that grows their own herbs out back, people want to feel like […]

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The Arc of Flavor

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services After a fascinating, long weekend at the C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America) at Graystone, in Napa Valley, CA, it is back to work in Nampa, ID.  Although similar in name and proximity to wine growing regions, they could not be further apart in most respects.  My associate […]

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Keep it Simple

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef In an interview Gordon Ramsay said keep it simple.  Start with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available and let the flavors of five or six ingredients shine through.  There is no need to place three garnishes on a gastronomic masterpiece that already has 20 components.  I started shuffling […]

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Local Sourcing

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef Savvy restaurant goers are starting to ask where their food is coming from.  Many of the patrons are asking if the produce is local.  On a recent excursion to one of my favorite restaurants the menu and the servers explained where my meal was coming from.  I thought […]

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Frying in America

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services As someone who works for a company that specializes in batters and breadings, I spend a lot of time tasting and evaluating fried food.  From beer battered fish to panko breaded apple wedges we evaluate products on taste, texture and visual appearance.  Yet, there are few times […]

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In the culinary world coffee is one of the most important tools next to a properly sharpened chef’s knife and a functioning cooking battery.  Coffee can help keep the driver awake on a long trip, bring friends together, and most importantly give a chef the pick-me-up needed to get back to work after spending 18 […]

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By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef Ceviche, also known as cebiche or seviche, thought to have originated in Peru, has a long history in coastal towns around the globe.  Made with extremely fresh seafood to minimize illness, ceviche has become somewhat of a staple in many restaurants in today’s world.  Air freight has made […]

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Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services One of the trends we identified for 2012 was the emergence of handheld comfort foods. This is actually a combination of two recent trends: portable, handheld products, and comfort foods. During the economic troubles of the last few years people have been craving things that make them […]

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Sichuan Pepper

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef Sichuan pepper is widely known and used in Asia, but is not well known in the western world.  Sichuan pepper is called by many names: Szechwan pepper, Chinese pepper and Chinese prickly ash to name a few.   Although the Sichuan pepper is given the name “pepper” it is […]

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African Cuisine

By: Chef Eric White, Culinary Development Chef The diverse regions of Africa lend itself to an eclectic group of cuisines.  In the North the Mediterranean diet has largely influenced the people in the region.  Heading to the south the cuisine is considered to be a melting pot being influenced by the various cuisines of Africa, […]

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2012 Food Trends

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services With January coming to a close I think it is time I gave my  two cents as to what this coming year’s hot food trends are going to be.  I read a lot of magazines, books, and blogs, and eat at new restaurants across the country so […]

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Green Tomatoes

By: Chef Beau Guthrie, VP of Culinary Services This spring it didn’t warm up enough to plant until almost June.  I thought for sure my tomatoes would never get ripe, but thanks to our Indian summer we were able to get a bounty of tomatoes of all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately some of the larger […]

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Popular Pies

After reading piles of food trend information for 2011 I have definitely seen some pretty out-there predictions. There is one trend though, that I’m very familiar with – pie. The resurgence in pie is very down to earth, but a trend to appreciate for the many creative abilities. Whether it’s sweet or savory, apple pie, […]

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