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HB Specialty Foods

HB Healthier

HB Specialty Foods maintains an ongoing and proactive approach to innovative, healthier food solutions.  We strive to assist our customers in responding to government regulations and market demand for healthier or better for you foods.

No Parfry Solutions

Our No Parfry Solutions have the ability to reduce overall fat by up to fifty percent in your finished good application. These solutions can be applied to a wide range of substrates and harness the visual appeal and texture on par with a back of the house product. Despite eliminating the parfry step, our No Parfry Solutions develop exceptional color and bite as well as a very positive crunch when either baked back or fried back.

Ancient Grains Breadings, Coatings and Bakery Mixes

Ancient grains have a long, proven history as high performance ingredients with demonstrated health benefits. We harness these attributes to develop better for you coating systems and bakery mixes which respond to market demand for healthier alternatives.

Reduced Salt Rubs, Glazes, Seasonings and Coating Systems

Recognizing the significant government pressure and health trends of the marketplace, we have devoted substantial innovation efforts to the evaluation and development of reduced sodium solutions. Our primary emphasis has been on maintaining overall product performance and end consumer acceptance while achieving targeted reduction levels. Contact a HB Solution Leader today to learn more about how our knowledge, technologies, and solutions can assist you with your reduced sodium initiatives.

Clean Label Consciousness

In response to increased customer demand for cleaner labels, we undertake a concerted effort to maintain a clean label consciousness in the development of our solution formulations. In addition to our commitment towards solutions that facilitate a cleaner label, we have also committed significant research and innovation towards utilizing organic ingredients, building solutions that can achieve organic certification, and developing the knowledge to formulate all natural solutions. If you would like to learn more about our overall healthier label capabilities contact a HB Solution Leader.